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Baby Gliders of Stork Craft Custom Tuscany Glider and Ottoman

Baby Gliders of Stork Craft Custom Tuscany Glider and Ottoman
Baby Gliders of Stork Craft Custom Tuscany Glider and Ottoman

Product Added : June 24th, 2013
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  • There are 24 Choices of Storkcraft Glider for You

Stork Craft Custom Tuscany glider is the best among two other models. The Custom Tuscany has the most features. Two other models are Storkcraft Hoop Glider and Storkcraft Tuscany Glider. The price is also different. The Custom Tuscany is the most expensive, namely $195.49

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There are four fabric colors for Storkcraft Custom Tuscany. They are beige, blue, chocolate, and sage cushions. Throughout the year, the fabrics still look good and like new.

These baby gliders are also equipped with the matching lumbar support pillow. Therefore, they are suitable for any decor in your home.

Additionally, this glider is easily cleaned, including the cushions so that it always looks clean and fresh all year. In short, the Stork Craft Custom Tuscany Glider is very comfortable, sturdy, and stylish.

Not only has the most features, this seat also offers a limited warranty for one year. The other two models do not offer a warranty.

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24 Choices of Storkcraft Custom Tuscany Baby Gliders

In terms of material, you have six choices of wood finish. They are espresso finish, white finish, oak finish, cognac finish, cherry finish, and black finish. Each chair with a particular wood finish has four fabric colors. For example,an espresso finish glider consists of blue, beige, chocolate, and sage.

So, you have many choices, that is 6 X 4 or 24 choices. Apparently, the manufacturer of this glider want to provide the best service to customers by offering many options. The price is not always the same. There are several gliders offer the same price, but others differ.

However, for some people, the offer too much make them confusing. Which glider is the best? Which glider would you choose? To make easy to choose,  you can see the list on Amazon’s best-selling glider. Usually, the best-selling product and liked by many people is the best, although its accuracy is not 100%.

First Best-Selling

Based on Amazon, the first best-selling glider of the Storkcraft Custom Tuscany finish espresso with beige cushion. This chair is very comfortable. Frame is rather small so that this glider is suitable for you are not large people. You can feed your baby comfy and quietly. Or, you just want to be relaxing.

Therefore, you should choose the right size when purchasing this seat.  Some consumers complained that this seat is uncomfortable, less thick pillows, etc. So, this baby glider apparently is not for everyone. If you have weighed more than 250 lbs, you should choose another glider to get the larger.

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Make Sure You Choose the Right Size of Nursery Gliders

However, for those who are fit with this nursery glider will say that this chair is very comfortable. For example, Melissa. She said that this seat is perfect for her.  Although there are some negative reviews.

She often spent the night sitting on her seat, waiting for her son to come home. She sat up it for hours. For her, this chair is super comfortable. She is 5’9 236 lbs and her father is 6’5 220 lbs.

It is important thing when you are choosing the best Stork Craft Custom Tuscany glider. You must make sure that the glider should be according to size of your body, your husband, your wife, your children or your grandchildren. So, it should match with people size who will use the glider that you will buy.

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