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Portable Bassinet – Practical for Traveling

Portable Bassinet – Practical for Traveling
Portable Bassinet – Practical for Traveling

Product Added : March 15th, 2014
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* Fisher Price Rock and Play

portable bassinet

Wonderful Sleeper

Portable Bassinet is very practical for traveling. It is smaller than other mini bed. This crib is light and simple. It can be taken anywhere. Many babies love it. They can sleep soundly in this rocking cradle.

That’s Rock and Play Sleeper made ​​by the Fisher-Price company. If you sleep at night, you can place it next to your bed. If you take a nap on the couch, it can be placed near you.

The height is equal to your bed. It makes you easy to reach the bassinet. Easy to see your baby. If your baby needs help, you can quickly help. For example, baby want to be touched so silent and calm. So, it is very flexible.

This rocking crib can be used for a boy or girl. Therefore, it uses neutral color. The color is suitable for all: boys or girls.

Portable Bassinet Equipped with Glass Monitor

The Fisher price rock n play is lightweight. However, able to withstand weight up to 25 pounds. Generally only able to hold the weight of 15 pounds. Because of lightweight, you can move it to any room with ease.

When you move, your baby can be placed not far from you. For example when cooking, resting on the couch, sleeping, and so on. You can always be close to your newborn.

The bed is also equipped with a small monitor glass. You can watch the baby’s moving from the glass. It allows you to make sure the baby’s condition. For example, at night. You can monitor it from your bed.

You do not need to get out of bed if the baby was still sleeping soundly. Or they does not need any help.

Also when you are traveling. This bed can be folded and placed in the trunk of the car. It can be used when arriving at the destination: the grandmother or sister.

It can also glide smoothly over the carpet. You can shake it just with your fingers or feet. If the padding looks dirty, you can take it off easily. Then, you insert it into the washing machine.

Baby Bassinet Accelerate Transition

Unlike the Kolcraft bassinet, this bed does not provide features side sleeping. This will speed up the baby to transition to a regular sleeper. Sloping bed is provided for infants who bears reflux.

However, there are also customers who reported that there was not a problem. Although their baby had reflux. They were fine being in this rocking bassinet.

 Other Options You Can Choose

You have several other options for this type of baby bed. You can choose according to your wishes. Or what do you think is suitable with your baby. Two of them are:

1. Deluxe Rock n Play Baby Bassinet.

It is also made by Fisher-Price. Almost the same with the bed on top . It also can be used at home or while traveling . It is comfortable and safe. Cheaper price.

2. Delux Newborn Rock ‘n Play Sleeper.

It is better than two above. Of course, the price is more expensive.  It is also the best among the Fisher-Price’s products. Many customers love this. There are two colors: snugabunny and my little sweetie. You are free to choose what you love.

Largest Manufacturer of Children’s Toys

Which one would you choose? The Prisher-Price company based in East Aurora, New York. Now, it has grown up and sold its product of toys in 145 countries.

Therefore, the quality of the product is very reliable. You do not need to doubt it.

Mattel, the company’s head of Prisher-Price, is the largest producer of child toys in the world. Prisher-Price continues to innovate in producing a variety of best children’s products  in the world. The goal is to promote the best potential for all children.

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